Charity trustees should know when things are going wrong

They Trustees share the same legal obligations as company directors, writes Harriet Sergeant.

Whose job is it to regulate the angels? When Kids Company, which helped deprived inner-city children, imploded last year, one of a slew of recent scandals in the charity sector, it became clear that none of the regulatory bodies — the government, the Charity Commission or even the trustees — were up to the job.

England and Wales have more than 165,000 registered charities with a total annual income of some £69bn. Charity membership is way above that of political parties. Frank Field, the Labour MP, last year declared at the commission’s annual meeting that “the independence and growth of charities” is “crucial for a free society”. So public trust in our charities is vital and that means effective supervision.

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The Financial Times
Published 07 February 2016

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