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I am a journalist, author and Research Fellow of the Centre for Policy Studies, an independent Think Tank. I have written four non-fiction books and five Think Tank reports. These attracted extensive coverage both in the print and broadcast media in both the UK and abroad and were serialised in the Daily Mail. The pamphlets led to wide debate and informed many aspects of UK government policy at the time. I also have written for the Sunday Time, the Financial Times, the Sun, the Spectator and Standpoint. I am a regular contributor to TV and radio and have appeared on Any Questions, Question Time, Newsnight, the Today program amongst others as well as the Sky Paper Review on a regular basis. I was recently invited by Grayson Perry to take part in a debate on British identity at the National Portrait Gallery.

My latest work is a thriller written with Marlon Campbell. I met him when I befriended a gang from West Norwood in south London, the subject of my last book ‘Among the Hoods’. The book is about his London and my London and where they overlap — crime, politics and sex.


“Parrots Over Babylon”
by Harriet Sergeant and Marlon Campbell

Parrots Over Babylon is a mystery thriller and a love story. London’s first female Mayor is forced to team up with a gangster to discover who murdered her lover.

Jessica Ashton is white, posh and well-educated. Michael Bailey, “Sugar” is black, British Caribbean and first went to prison at the age of fifteen. She is the charismatic politician with imposter syndrome. He is the street smart, drug dealer with zero tolerance of sloppy principles.

The murder of Jermaine Johnson – Brixton community leader, Sugar’s childhood friend and the Mayor’s secret lover – propels Sugar and Jessica into an uneasy alliance. But is the killer from his world or hers? As their mutual attraction intensifies so do the attempts on their lives. They are forced to flee together before the final show down threatens to destroy them or drive them apart for good.


HARRIET Marlon and I are from a different class, a different generation and a different culture. Writing this book together has changed both our lives.

MARLON In the environment I grew up in, everyone is trying to survive by any means. I got kidnapped when I was five. When I was eight my friend and I were caught up in a skirmish. He died right next to me, his head smashed into car windshield. This kind of thing is normal and it hardens us. Where I come from, when people get shot, we are not shocked. We ask what make of gun it was. Since writing this book with Harriet, I have realised there is a different world out there. Most of my friends fall into despair. It was tough at the time but this book took over my life. It saved me.

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