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Latest TV Appearance: Free Speech BBC 3

Free Speech (BBC 3)



Question Time

Chaired by David Dimbleby.

Co-panelists: Business minister Matthew Hancock MP, Shadow Work and Pensions Minister Chris Bryant MP, Liberal Democrat Jeremy Browne MP, and Gay Times Columnist and Campaigner for Transgender Rights Paris Lees.


Discussion of the tragic Philpott case, and its larger implications regarding child support.

BBC News

More on the Philpott case.

Intelligence Squared

Debating immigration issues.

Chaired by Jonathon Freedland. Co-Panalists: David Aaronovitch, Nigel Farage, David Goodhart, Ken Livingstone, Harriet Sergeant, Susie Symes.

Center for Policy Studies

Introduction to my book AMONG THE HOODS

Book Launch

Speaking about AMONG THE HOODS.

Battle of Ideas

Are the Kids Alright?

Chaired by Dr Helene Guldberg, director of spiked; author of Reclaiming Childhood and Just Another Ape?

Co-panelists: Paul Flatters, social researcher, Trajectory chief executive; and Kevin Rooney, head of social science and deputy head at Queens’ School, Fans for Freedom founder.

BBC Newsnight

Working class disconnect: debate

Kirsty Wark discusses the situation of the working class in the economic downturn with Bob Crow of the RMT union, Hazel Blears Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, and myself.

BBC Radio 4

Schools ‘not providing for boys’

Have schools become too feminised? Sir Michael Wilshaw, principal of Mossbourne community Academy in Hackney, east London, and I debate whether there are enough male teachers.

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  • "I am fed up being told how we must be brave and carry on. What else are we meant to do? I mean is anyone offering us an option? #manchaster"
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    "RT @RitaPanahi: How about no! How about tackling the terrorism scourge head on instead of carrying on like nothing has happened.. https://t…"
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