• "This lot hardly inspire confidence, do they? What a line up of the Liberal Left that now dominates our public bodie… https://t.co/e1Lv66Q3Hl"
    7 hours ago
    "Before Jo Cox yes. Milk shakes and rotten eggs were all part of political life. But a politician is dead. That chan… https://t.co/DCJU8NW7vT"
    7 hours ago
    "This is the same @IanDunt who said, ‘After Jo Cox, let’s all be a little nicer to each other.’ What he means is ‘ni… https://t.co/A1nmPhBJDK"
    7 hours ago
    "RT @ThomasEvansSDP: So the person who assaulted Nigel Farage today is 32 year-old Paul Crowther, who is a Customer Service Representative’…"
    8 hours ago
    "It doesn’t matter if you are Brexit or Remain, Right or Left, if someone can throw a milkshake over a politician th… https://t.co/EwgAWPv8fe"
    9 hours ago