• "RT @SkipsterXx: It was the British army that crushed the fascists mate. Your messiah Corbyn hates the British army. Awkward. https://t.co…"
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    "RT @nazirafzal: My article on grooming gangs, child sexual abuse & misogyny will appear in Mail on Sunday You will have a whole page to di…"
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    "This is outrageous! Let him experience just 5 minutes of the pain and terror of child birth: then dare to open his… https://t.co/4Afx9l4n6t"
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    "RT @tombrammar: London property for sale in Milan marketed with 8% private land tax the UK permits you extract on its citizens @HarrietSerg…"
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    "Not to be missed! @BBCRadio4 Book of the Week's adaption of @AmandaPCraig's new work - 'The Lie of the Land'.Totally absorbing and original."
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