• "RT @afneil: Macron's people think he's ahead in round one, with Fillon and Le Pen neck and neck for 2nd place"
    6 minutes ago
    "Forget the French election, Isis, nuclear war. They don't matter. The blue bells are out on Hampstead Heath. https://t.co/C44exCrNET"
    6 minutes ago
    "The Mail is the only newspaper to poll after Tories announce possible tax increases and end to triple lock. Result? Tory support halved."
    2 hours ago
    "'What's yours?' an old lady asks my mother of her poodle/shih tzu dog. 'A Shit Poo,' she replies. 'That's nothing. Mine's a Bull Shit.'"
    5 hours ago
    "8 of the 11 candidates in the French election - attracting almost half of voters - want to change France's relation… https://t.co/gq5tgvYUcv"
    7 hours ago